A CHANGE JOURNEY-coaching model

Life is a journey. We go through different stages of self-exploration and growth. Throughout life we discover new goals we want to attain. As we undertake this journey there will be times when we realize that there are beliefs/ habits that are not serving us and we need to rediscover who we are, what we want to do, or where we want to go…..

A journey is something you look forward to, something you enjoy, new horizons, new sights..…

This coaching process is aimed to support the client face changes as an exciting journey.
It is based on the premise that the journey is as important as the destination.
In all these stages coaching competencies are to be used in an appropriate way to support the client on his/her journey.

The process is aimed at supporting the client’s values, helps the clients discover self and reach their new horizons.

As we journey, we pass the following stages:
1) Desire /Dream: Before we embark on a journey we dream of what it will be like, we visualize……
This stage aids the client in exploring what their dreams, desires and goals are.

2) Discovering self and values: Researching our dream destination and seeing if we have the wherewithal to make the journey is an important step to take before we start on a journey.
At this stage the client discovers why he/she wants to reach the goals he/she has set for him/herself and will change or solidify these goals as values and ULC’s and ULB’s become clearer.

3) Direction: Maps and guide books help us reach our destination.
As it becomes clear what direction the journey is heading, the coach aims to help the client take action in the direction of his destination.

4) Detours and distractions: As with any journey there are breakdowns, detours, maybe a stop on the way, which can be an enjoyable experience or a distraction.
At this stage the coach helps the client:
– reframe disappointments and setbacks,
-look at a possible redirection,
-consider a new goal
-or reaffirm set goals

5) Destination! The celebration of a reached destination or goal!


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